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Frank & Dvorak
Electrical mechanical engineering and marketing company Ltd. & CO. Kg.

FFD - Frank & Dvorak


In 1948, after the Second World War, the Partnership of Frank & Dvorak was founded by Franz Frank (Engineer) and Karl Dvorak otherwise known as FFD, at a very modest cellar building at Lorystraße 74 in Vienna 11.


The company was a repair shop for motors and transformers. In the beginning they started to repair and refurbish electric motors and transformers which had been damaged during the war. As the Austrian economy recovered and began to prosper new motors were in increasing demand and they decided to develop a complete motor manufacturing facility.
As the original location was rather small, the offices were moved to a new location at Ungargasse 28 in the centre of Vienna. At this time the Company became incorporated and registered in Vienna as a Limited Company.


As at this time no standard specifications (IEC/DIN) existed the design and manufacturing of the electric motors were to FFD's own development.


At the factory departments existed for

  • research and development
  • tool production for manufacturing the required cutting, forming and casting tools
  • a foundry stamping and winding shops
  • machine tool departments and
  • repair shops.


FFD is expanding

The company was expanding very quickly and it was not long before the current facilities were too small again. In recent times it was noticed that a number of employees had to travel every day up to 60 Km each way. Many of these people came from Pöttsching which is a small town in the furthest east province of Austria, 60 Km south of Vienna and 20 Km from the Hungarian Boarder. The Mayor of Pöttsching at that time, Mr Parise offered Messrs Frank & Dvorak a large piece of land in a very gool position in Pöttsching.


The site was developed to give a completely new production capability in three large adjacent factories together with an Administration Block. This side opened in 1965.


With the introduction of IEC/DIN standards for electric motors new designs were introduced and the Company's products became universally accepted and included not only electric motors but Pumps and table grinders also.


Having become a market leader in Austria the Company now formed new links establishing customers and Distributors in all five continents.



In order to provide competitive prices, quality, best delivery conditions and service to the customers on the International market, FFD found new well known manufacturers for components and materials for electric motors. To maintain the good name of FFD for quality all components are carefully checked by the quality control department before beeing acceptable for the FFD name.


Areas of application of the engines

The FFD three phase and single phase motors are acknowledged as a quality product by its customers all over the world in agriculture, construction, textile and mining, the environmental industry as well as for mixing and agitating purposes.